Release notes for 2015/03/30

Highlights of this release version 2015.03.30 include:

New Features:

  • API available for downloading inspections, meetings, hazards.
  • For high priority documents customers can choose to send document read acknowledgements right away without having to wait until the next day to get the email reminder.
  • Email dashboards data collection and email ready to send monthly performance reports to eCompliance administrators (4 week snapshots). This feature will allow admin users to see how their company is performing in eCompliance and to improve overall leading indicator visibility.

Enhancements and fixes:

  • Inspections, meetings, and hazards reporting to charts and excel are much faster (approximately 10 times).
  • Inspections, meetings, and hazards creating and editing are also faster.
  • Our notification service that sends emails in the morning are about 3 times faster.
  • Reporting charts and export to excel use the header date when filtering in the inspections, meetings, and hazards.
  • Managers at sub-sites can now resend invitations created at higher sites.
  • Lots of small UI improvements
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