Release notes for 2014/11/20

Highlights of this release version 2014.11.19 include:

  • Bug fix - export active employees was exporting all employees including terminated ones
  • Termination feature - once an employee is terminated they will:
    • no longer receive read document acknowledgements
    • do not show up on read acknowledgement lists and reports
    • no longer receive training expiry emails
    • no longer receive action item reminder emails
    • cannot be invited to sites where they are terminated
    • no longer have access to My Stuff and dashboard of company
    • cannot be assigned permissions
    • do not get inspection submitted emails
    • rename label to "basic access" - is an employee that only has access to My Stuff, Dashboard, and their own profile
    • terminated employee will show up as having "basic access" as well as a termination date, they will still be available to activate again in the "Show all employees" mode. This is useful for temporary workers. Once reactivated, the employee maintains all previous training records
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