Release notes for 2014/11/12

Highlights of this release version 2014.11.11 include:

  • Mobile reports/graphs allow for reporting on 'open' and/or 'signed-off' instances (inspections, hazards/incidents, meetings).
  • Better, prettier emails for daily notifications
  • View daily logged in users at your company (look in Settings, Usage, Log)
  • "Notes" field added for employees (notes can be added to each employee record)
  • Improved employee import feature (don't allow imports with duplicate employee ID's)
  • Document uploads allow .ppsx files (MS Powerpoint slides)
  • Lots of little usability enhancements across the application
    • employee edit views
    • change site picker
    • charts
    • forgot password
    • delete inspection view
    • removed extra menu for "mobile forms" and move the 3 sub menus to the top level
    • PDF report for inspections support longer question numbers
    • Signing authority is easier to use (only for elearning subscription customers)
    • view returns to "My Stuff" tab once you work on a document, action item, inspections, training from the My Stuff tab
    • main page search filters remembers last settings if you go into edit inspections, hazards/incidents, meeting forms.
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