Receive "Your Audit Tool installer needs to be upgraded" message when starting eCompliance Audit Tool

We have released an important update on Tuesday March 24th, at 9am MST. After this release, all auditors that open eC-AuditTool will be asked to upgrade the installer. It should take only 2-5 minutes depending on your internet connection speed:

  • Auditors will get the normal update notice when they are connected to the internet.
  • The application will prompt for 2 additional steps. The first prompt looks like the screenshot below and you can click on "OK".

update notice to click.jpg.png

Some Windows 8 users may see a "Smart Screen" warning from Windows (this warning appears for any new application). In this case, you should click on "More Information" then "Run Anyway".

  • Once completed, the application will have a final step to click on "Install" like the screenshot below.

install latest auditool version.png

That's it! You can continue with the file you are working on or start a new audit if this is a new install. Existing audit files are not affected in any way as this is an update to the application only. Updates to eC-AuditTool after this step will once again be fully automatic.

If automatic installation shown above does not work:

As always, you can contact us at at any time and we'll be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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