The file could not be opened - missing audit file


Last night I went to open my audit, the same way as always and an error message popped up saying the file could not be opened. Then my saved audit completely disappeared from the entire audit tool. 


If you get the file cannot be opened error message when opening the eC-AuditTool please check that the last location that you saved the file is currently available, for example if you saved onto a memory/USB stick and currently don't have that stick plugged into your computer then that's when the eC-AuditTool will show you the error message.

If you've saved the file on a network drive you will also need to make sure that the same network drive is available for the eC-AuditTool to open. When the eC-AuditTool cannot file the file the error message will popup "The file could not be opened. There was no file found at %Some Location Here%". This tells you where the file was last saved. You could alternatively search your computer for "*.eca" files to see if you've recently moved the audit file to another location. 

The eC-AuditTool will always remember the last 8 files saved and show them on the "Open existing audit" recent files list. If you hover your mouse over the 8 recent files listed, a popup will show you where that file was last saved. See below for an example of the recent files listing and hovering over the file name will show you where the file was saved last.


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