Can I use eC-AuditTool in a remove desktop or Citrix environment?

We use Microsoft ClickOnce technology for deploying for our eC-AuditTool. Therefore it's installed inside an user's profile. Audit tool should work fine if user profile does not get deleted after the user logs out each time. The AuditTool should also work fine if the user profile is always accessible even if the user is not logged into the remote desktop. Otherwise, the user will need to reinstall Audit Tool each time he/she logs into the Citrix session.

Here is more information on our application architecture:

We've designed the eCompliance AuditTool to be easy to install and to update. The application has been developed in .NET 4.0 and our modest system requirements mean that it runs fine on most systems with a reasonably current Windows operating system, i.e, Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
The application makes use of Microsoft ClickOnce technology, this provides 2 advantages:
  1. If a live internet connection is detected, it automatically checks with eCompliance server to determine if the application of any of the Audit Protocols on the system are out-of-date, and if they are, it automatically downloads and installs the update.
  2. As a “low-impact” application it is installed only under the user’s profile, so all the standard Microsoft network security and user authentication is required to access the application or any data saver under the user’s profile. 

The big difference compared to other more common installer types is that ClickOnce applications are installed in:

<USER PROFILE>\LocalSettings\Apps.

Reference for IT support staff:


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