How to install eCompliance Audit Tool on a new computer? Can I use it on multiple computers?

Follow the steps below to install Audit Tool on a new computer.

1. Go to and follow the steps to download and install the Audit Tool. 
2. If you do not have the license for your Audit Tool or want to have all licenses in one email, you can go here then enter your email address to have your license(s) sent to you again. 
3. Launch AuditTool then enter the license keys.

You can also use the eCompliance Audit Tool on more than one computer. Just follow the instructions above to install it on each computer.

Our Audit Tool saves your audit into a file with a ".eca" extension. This is your audit file which you can move and open on another computer. Ensure you also install the license key on each computer. Some auditors will move audit files (.eca files) back and forth from one computer to the other using a USB memory stick. We recommend that when using a USB memory stick that you:

1. Save the audit file (.eca) onto your desktop or my documents folder locally on the computer while doing your audit.
2. Work on the audit and save locally every 15-20 minutes.
3. Close eCompliance Audit Tool to ensure your file is saved.
4. Copy the file by right-clicking on the file, selecting copy, and move it onto the memory stick by right-clicking on memory stick then select paste.
5. When you get to another computer or want to work on the file again, right-click and copy from the memory stick then paste it back onto your local computer on the desktop or my documents directory. Continue working following from Step #2 above.

We do not recommend working off the memory stick as corrupt files can occur if the stick is disconnected from the computer when eCompliance Audit Tool is still running.

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