I have a valid license key but the eC-AuditTool won't let me export to PDF?

When you generate a report from the "Report -> Generate Report" and the "Export to PDF" button warns you that you need a valid license key. However, you do have a valid license key that is not Evaluation License*.

First, check that your license key is entered in the Help->License Information. If your key is not in the list of Your Licenses then you'll need to get the email that was sent to you when you purchased the license and cut-paste the key into this screen. If you can't find your license key email you can go to the bottom of this page to retrieve them .

Secondly, ensure the "Legal Name" contains the name of the company for which you just entered the license key for. You can do this by selecting "Company Details" node in the left hand navigation tree.

*Evaluation License can not export the audit into PDF file.

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