Weird characters and symbols in pdf document for audit report when printed to paper

PDF file shows characters inside the report looking fine, but when printing to a printer there are weird symbols and signs that make the entire report unreadable. Crazy symbols when we try to print the PDF file.

The cause is the printer driver. If you use another printer the file looks fine visually and will print out fine as well on paper. Here is a quote from a user that explains the settings "Today, after reprinting the same PDF several times, and getting garbage out each time, I clicked “print”, and started looking around in the print window that opens for my HP 7260 printer. When I print PDFs, I get an “Advanced” button in the bottom left corner of the print window that I can click on. There are a bunch of “greyed-out” postscript options in this window, but there is also a check box that says “Print as image”. I decided to check this box and click “OK”, which closes the advanced printing options window, then I clicked “OK” to send the PDF to the printer. I think doing this causes the entire document to be sent to the printer as “raster graphics”, rather than as PCL containing a mix of graphics and ASCII text."

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    Behan Safety Consulting

    I had this problem in printing with a different printer than usual. I followed the advice above, changing the Advanced printing options to select "Print as Image". It worked perfectly. Thanks!!

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