Collective comments keep appearing when I add another interview, documentation, or observation, why?

The "Collective Comments" in the Documentation, Interviews, and Observations are by design so that all your comments from all sites (documentations/observations) or interviews show up for that particular question. Do not delete collective comments because then you'll delete them from the entire question. Just add comments if they are different from other interviews, observations, documents. This is because for every question we want to see comments in general from the entire company (all sites, all interviews) and not specific to one site or one individual in regards to interviews. For confidentiality reasons there is no benefit in tracking exactly who you interviewed and what site they were at. How the question scores based on the interview comments completed provide the most important factor for the improvement of the health and safety program. Remember if a site is not visited then don't add a documentation/observation reviews for it.

Also, the DIO verification methods are scored based on a (%) percentage compliance, not by actual question scores in the Audit Results section. These percentages will show on the question at the Audit Results level and the question will automatically be scored for you (some certifying partners require manual scoring of the questions while other certifying partners have auto-scoring of the question based on the % compliance). This approach follows industry's best practices and is built on the ISO 19011 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. This standard is based on an evidence based approach to auditing (DIO’s) which is the rational method for reaching reliable and reproducible audit conclusions in a systematic audit process. This process is preferred over experience-based auditing which not standardized and not repeatable across the industry.

Hope this helps, but please let us know if you have further questions by contacting us.

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