Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer, or another program tries to open an audit .eca file and crashes

Sometimes another program will be associated with a .eca file. When you double click on the .eca file to open the audit a program like MS Office or Adobe or Internet Explorer tries to open the file and fails with an error message. Your error message shows that MS Office or Adobe or Internet Explorer is trying to open this file which is where the error occurs (view attachment). You can either do a repair (control panel in windows) on the installation or uninstall (control panel in windows) and reinstall the eC-AuditTool from, .eca files will once again be associated with our AuditTool application. To verify that your existing installation can still open the .eca file first open the application from your start program files menu (Start -> All Programs -> eCompliance -> eCompliance AuditTool), then click on "Open a File" and select your .eca file.

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