How do I send a audit report to my certifying partner for review or resend after they have modifications?

To send in your audit file for review click on Report->Generate Report from the top menu. This shows a report view and if you have a valid license key there's a "Export to PDF" button to make the PDF report that you'll send to the Certifying Partner. When exporting to PDF the eC-AuditTool will prompt you to save the PDF file. Give this PDF file a name with the date in it so that you can tell when you sent it for review. Do not overwrite the name of your audit .eca file. This PDF file is thefile that you'll send to your certifying partner for their QA process. If the export button warns you that you need a license key, then ensure it's entered and selected in the Company Details node on the Legal Name field.

DO NOT generate a Customer Copy and send it for review as it will not contain the justification data required to assess sampling requirements.

Modifying a submitted report and resending the report back to your CP?

The original working .eca file should also be saved in a location you can remember because if the Certifying Partner has changes based on their QA process then you will need to open the .eca working file to make those modifications and resend another PDF report for review. This process can happen a few times before final approval by your Certifying Partner so it is recommended that each PDF report created should have the date the report was generated inside the file name.

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