Generate a customer copy for client and open it without license key

To generate a customer copy once you're complete the audit, you can click on File -> "Export Customer Copy". This will remove your comments in the DIO and lock the file from further data entry on the findings and notes. However, the customer copy will allow the client to enter in Action Items on sections and questions. The client can then export the action items to an Excel based file which can be managed using Excel or similar application.


There is no license key required to open the customer copy “.eca” file. The client can go to our website to download and install the eC-AuditTool. Once the eC-AuditTool is installed, the client can choose "Open Existing File" and select the customer copy ".eca" file to open it. After adding action items, the client can choose Report -> "Export Action Items" to an Excel based file.


Alternatively, they can also choose Report -> "Manage Audit Results Online" if they have an eCompliance software account. Please contact for assistance or for more information on using this feature.

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