Audit Tool has "red" incomplete or "yellow" elements but I can't see what's wrong with each question.

Try expanding the left hand side navigation "tree view" so that you're looking at an individual question at a time. Rather than looking at Element H, click on the '+' sign on the left hand side until you get down to the question level. Select a single question like Question H.3a. That way you're looking at a question from the "single question view" and it makes it easier to see rather than loading 30-50 questions at a time (depending on which element you're on). This single question view also loads a lot faster. If an element is showing "red" as invalid or incomplete, then you can expand the tree control on the left hand side until you get to the "single question view" and click on "Validate this Question" at the bottom right to see why it's showing as incomplete. For users with small screens or older computers that's what we suggest in order to have a better user experience.

If a section shows a "yellow" exclamation mark then that means you've selected "Mark this section for follow-up" and need to turn it off before submitting your audit. This feature is used to remind the auditor that they need to go back to finish off this section, like a post-it or to-do note.

The eCompliance Team

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