Dynamic Signature Fields

eCompliance web and mobile apps provide the ability to add signature fields while a form is in progress by the person conducting the form. This allows for extra fields to be added that were not built into the original form template.

Each signature field also has the ability to tag an employee through an “employee lookup field”. This means that employees can be formally attached to a form through a signature field.

How to get it –

The employee lookup and the ability to add more signature fields is available by default on all signatures fields built into forms.

How it works –

To add a field, click the “+” (mobile) or “Add” (web) button located below the signature field. A new field will populate which allows you to title the signature, and add the person’s name whose signature is needed.

 The employee lookup can be found while typing the person’s name. As you are typing, if the employee exists in eCompliance their name will appear in the search box. You can select the name and their employee tag will appear in blue. If the employee is not in the system the tag appears in grey.

Tagging an employee on a signature field means they are now attached to that form, and it will appear in their employee profile.

See Employee Lookup Field for more information on this feature.

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